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Thief of Greim Reviews!

I’m not even kidding when I tell you I’m on cloud nine right now. But first of all, Hi!! Thank you for stopping by to read this! As you know from my previous posts, I wrote and edited a new Fantasy novel called Thief of Greim. But writing and editing are only a part of the process, so I’ve enlisted the help of lovely beta readers to get honest feedback about it to further improve it before it gets out into the world. AND OH MY GOODNESS, I did not expect this. I mean, I LOVE the story, but I’m biased since I’ve poured my love and tears into writing it. So it’s very gratifying to know others enjoy it, too. Your review did not disappoint! *Parts are hidden as they contain spoilers. Are you crying? Because I’m not crying 😭 I can’t wait to receive more of your reviews

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New Book – Title Announcement!!!

Hi again! As you know (since I’ve teased about it for a while, hehe), I’ve been working on a new WIP. Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve finished draft 2 of the book! Writing this book has been one of my most enjoyable writing journeys thus far. It has all aspects of comfy tropes I love (think: Heist, Found Family, Clean Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Fantastical Creatures, Hidden Truths, and Mysterious Curse(s) among others) woven into an enticing story. I’m very proud of how it turned out, if I may say so myself 😁 Now, to the moment you’ve been waiting for… *insert drum roll* The new book’s title is… Thief of Greim is a Fantasy novel that blends mythical creatures from Mediterranean folklore with Irish/Scottish folklore in a creative new world where the fae used to live in harmony with humans.Until the fae suddenly left without saying goodbye.

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Upcoming Book

“I’m on my own.” – Zorena Farrowdane stopped believing in the goodness of others long ago.
A misstep during a thieving prowl almost costs her head to the barghest hounds, and all for a mysterious ring. Her only form of escape comes at the hands of a stranger claiming to be a seer… who knows things about her that no one else should know.
Caught between a young girl who insists on being her sidekick and the Queen forcing her to do a mission out of her scope, Zorena discovers that not all magic wielders have forsaken the realm. One of them had been her childhood friend; the Crown Prince.
Darkness is creeping into the tranquillity of Greim. Will Zorena, her sidekick, and the Prince have the means to stop it?

Who am I?

 Welcome to my world of stories. Reading in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi had always held a special spot in my heart. This is why most of my writings revolve around those genres.

If you’re like me, and you enjoy reading stories in the worlds of fantasy, romantasy, and even horror and thrillers, stick around.

As well as my short stories, I have a 5-book fantasy series pending publishing, and I’m working on a new fantasy/romance novel that is slowly turning itself into a series (should also be released soon).

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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