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Camp NaNoWriMo July 2023 – Log 4 – Week 3+4 Recap

I did it!! It took a lot of grinding and good days and bad writing days, but I’ve managed to hit my goal of 30K words for my current WIP!

The story is taking a lot more form than I had anticipated and characters are starting to rebel against my original ideas and coming up with their own storylines, but I guess that means it’s working?

I know I love it when they take matters into their own hands because the story is always so much better for it.

The camp experience has been fun and it pushed me to work more consistently, but I’ll be glad to take a slight break.

Not from writing! But from this WIP. While I’m still excited for it (more than before, actually) I need to spend some time editing draft 9 of The Rites of Oblivium.

Fear not! There will be updates soon regarding The Rites of Oblivium AND this WIP.

So stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading!

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